3 Things Pros Say You MUST Do To Prepare Your Hair For Summer (+Free Checklist).

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As the sun decides to stick around a bit longer each day, it’s your cue to prep your mane for the sunny escapades ahead.

Summer brings more than just beach days and barbecues; it’s also the season of sun, salt, and chlorine – the notorious trio that could wreak havoc on your tresses.

Fear not! Here’s your ultimate guide to keeping your hair healthy, hydrated, and happy all summer long.

Get Your Locks Summer-Ready! 3 Must-Do Hair Care Tips From The Pros.

We asked hair care experts from top brands like Wella, L’Oréal, and more for their insider tips on keeping your hair healthy, hydrated, and happy all summer long. Here’s what they told us is on their MUST-DO list.

1. Hydration is Your New Best Friend

summer hair tips - moisturzing hair conditioners

Just like you swap out your wardrobe, your hair care routine needs a seasonal switch-up.

“Regular use of a moisturizing hair mask is essential as it replenishes the moisture lost due to sun exposure and helps maintain hair health,” advises L’Oréal Paris.

Start by infusing your hair care arsenal with moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners.

These products are loaded with hydrating heroes like aloe vera and coconut oil, ensuring your hair remains lush and resilient against the drying effects of the summer sun.

And let’s not forget about deep conditioning treatments! Incorporating a weekly mask session will help repair and fortify your hair, keeping it smooth and shiny, no matter how many dive-bombs you do into the pool.

Step-by-Step Guide: Applying a Moisturizing Hair Mask

  • Step 1: Choose the Right Mask – Select a hair mask that suits your hair type and contains ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin, or hyaluronic acid.
  • Step 2: Cleanse Your Hair – Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo to remove any build-up, which allows the mask to penetrate better.
  • Step 3: Apply the Mask – Apply the mask evenly on damp hair, starting from mid-lengths to ends. Avoid the roots if you have fine or oily hair.
  • Step 4: Let It Sit – Leave the mask on for the time specified on the label, typically 5-10 minutes.
  • Step 5: Rinse Thoroughly – Rinse the mask out with cool water to seal in moisture and add shine.

Which Shampoo Should I Use?

2. Trim Away the Troubles

summer hair tips - stylist trims away split ends

If you’ve been holding onto those split ends, (why are you even doing this?) now’s the perfect time to let them go.

A quick trim before the season kicks off can revitalize your mane, promoting healthier growth and reducing the chances of further breakage.

“A small trim can prevent split ends from escalating and reduces the risk of hair breakage,” say stylists from Wella Professionals.

It’s not just about maintenance; it’s about giving your hair a fresh, breezy look that screams summer-ready.

Expert Insights

“Regular trims help keep your hair looking healthier, thicker, and more vibrant by removing the thinnest and most damaged ends. It stops the progression of the split, which can lead to longer portions of damaged hair that will need more drastic cutting eventually.”

Enza Piazza, Hair Stylist & Color Consultant

Step-by-Step Guide: Getting a Professional Trim

  • Step 1: Find a Trusted Salon – Choose a salon that is well-reviewed and trusted by customers.
  • Step 2: Consult Your Stylist – Discuss with your hairstylist about your hair concerns and the style you aim to maintain.
  • Step 3: Wet and Section Your Hair – Your stylist will likely dampen and divide your hair into sections for a more precise trim.
  • Step 4: Trim – The stylist will snip only the ends, usually 1/4th to 1/2 an inch, depending on the extent of split ends.
  • Step 5: Dry and Style – Once the trim is complete, your stylist will dry and style your hair to ensure it looks its best.

How To Customize Your Routine for Every Climate

Different climates demand specific hair care strategies. Here’s how to keep your hair healthy and stylish, no matter where you are:

  • Humid Climates: In areas with high humidity, frizz becomes the main enemy. Use anti-humectant products that seal your hair’s cuticle and repel moisture. A silicone-based serum or light hair oil can work wonders to keep frizz at bay.
  • Dry Climates: Dry air can sap moisture from your hair, leaving it brittle. Focus on hydration by using leave-in conditioners and weekly deep conditioning treatments. Look for products containing natural oils like argan or jojoba to maintain moisture balance.
  • Coastal Areas: Living near the sea means battling salt and wind. Protect your hair with products that contain UV filters and wear hats to shield strands from sun and sand. Rinse your hair with fresh water after swimming in the ocean to remove salt buildup.

By adjusting your hair care routine to fit your environment, you can ensure your locks remain healthy and vibrant, regardless of the weather outside.

3. Protect Your Precious Strands

summer hair guide - woman wearing hat on the beach to protect hair

Step aside, sunscreen, because your hair needs protection too!

Shielding your locks from UV rays is crucial. Spritz on a UV protection hair spray to fend off the sun’s harmful effects.

These sprays form a protective barrier that not only keeps the color from fading but also helps maintain moisture balance.

“Before you step outside, apply a UV protection spray or wear a wide-brimmed hat to guard your hair against harmful rays,” recommends a hair care expert from Hair Everyday.

When you’re planning a day out, consider rocking a chic hat or a trendy scarf. Not only do they add a pop to your style, but they also provide extra defense against those pesky UV rays.

Step-by-Step Guide: Applying UV Protection Spray

  • Step 1: Select Your Product – Choose a UV protection hair spray that fits your hair type and needs.
  • Step 2: Towel Dry Your Hair – After washing your hair, towel dry it to remove excess water.
  • Step 3: Spray Evenly – Hold the bottle a few inches away from your hair and spray evenly across all sections. Don’t forget the underside of your hair.
  • Step 4: Comb Through – Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly.
  • Step 5: Style as Usual – Style your hair as you normally would, knowing it’s protected from UV rays.

By following these simple yet effective steps, your hair will not only survive the summer – it’ll thrive.

FREE Summer Hair Care Checklist!

Go on- Right click on the image below to save and keep!

Summer Hair Care Checklist

Prepare Your Hair for a Vibrant Summer!

Hydration and Conditioning

 Switch to moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners.
 Buy a hydrating hair mask suited to your hair type.
 Apply a moisturizing hair mask once a week.
 Use products with ingredients like aloe vera, glycerin, or hyaluronic acid.
 Leave the mask on for the recommended time before rinsing with cool water.
Regular Trims

 Schedule a hair trim to remove split ends.
 Discuss with your stylist about maintaining or updating your style.
 Ensure only the damaged ends are trimmed.
Protection from the Elements

 Purchase a UV protection hair spray or serum.
 Apply UV protection evenly across all hair sections, especially after washing.
 Consider stylish protection like a wide-brimmed hat or scarf when outdoors.
General Tips

 Towel dry hair gently to avoid breakage.
 Use a wide-tooth comb for detangling.
 Stay hydrated – drinking water is just as important for your hair as it is for your body.
Styling and Maintenance

 Avoid excessive heat styling.
 Opt for natural drying when possible.
 Keep your hair covered or tied up on windy, sandy beach days to prevent tangling and damage.
Weekly Routine Overview

 Monday: Moisturizing shampoo + conditioner.
 Wednesday: Mid-week scalp check and gentle combing.
 Friday: Deep conditioning treatment.
 Sunday: Protective styling and preparation for the week.
Before You Step Out

 Check weather and plan your hair care accordingly.
 Apply leave-in conditioner or spray if you anticipate prolonged sun exposure.
Parting Tips

 Regularly assess the health of your hair and scalp.
 Adjust the products and routine as necessary, depending on your hair’s response.
Download and print this checklist to keep your hair care on track throughout the summer!

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Hair Care

1. How often should I wash my hair in the summer?

If you’re sweating up a storm or hitting the pool often, you might want to wash your locks a bit more than usual. But don’t overdo it! Washing two to three times a week should keep your hair fresh without stripping away those natural oils.

2. Can I use the same hair products year-round?

Your hair’s needs change with the weather. Look for moisturizing and UV protection goodies in your summer hair care arsenal to combat the harsh sun, salt, and pool chemicals.

3. What is the best way to protect my hair from chlorine and salt water?

Simple trick: wet your hair with clean water and slap on some leave-in conditioner or a bit of coconut oil before you dive in. It helps keep that harsh salt and chlorine from soaking in. And don’t forget to rinse off once you’re out of the water.

4. How can I prevent my hair color from fading in the summer?

Sun can be tough on colored hair. Use products designed for color-treated hair that offer some UV protection. And hey, throwing on a chic hat or scarf not only looks cool but also shields your hair from those rays.

5. What are the signs that my hair is damaged from summer elements?

If your hair feels drier, gets tangled easily, or looks a bit dull, it might be crying out for help. Step up your conditioning game and consider getting those ends trimmed to nix any split ends.

6. Is it necessary to trim my hair at the beginning of summer?

Yep, snipping those ends early in the season can help prevent further damage and keep your hair looking neat and healthy. It’s like giving your hair a nice, clean slate to start the summer.

7. Are there any specific hair treatments you recommend for summer?

Indulging in some deep conditioning or using a hydrating mask once a week can work wonders. These treats help bring back moisture and keep your hair from turning into a straw-like mess.

Parting Words

So, whether you’re planning to lounge by the sea or chase the kids (or dogs) through sprinklers, you can rest assured your hair will stay as vibrant and spirited as your summer adventures.

Let the sunshine in, but keep the hair damage out!


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