The Best Straighteners For Colored Hair In 2024.

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Want sleek, shiny, and smooth hair without damaging your vibrant color? We’ve got you covered!

Using straighteners to style your hair can be a major no-no, as it not only affects the condition of your strands but also causes your color to fade.

But we all know it’s a #truestory that straighteners work wonders for achieving the look we love! Finding the best straighteners for colored hair can be a never-ending game of trial and error.

We want one that not only delivers sleek and shiny locks, but also protects our precious color from fading or damage.

But fear not, my fellow hair enthusiasts, because there are some exciting new advances in the world of straighteners for colored hair.

From ceramic plates that evenly distribute heat to ionic technology that seals in moisture, these newer models work wonders for hair health and color retention.

We’re here with the best of the best to keep your color tip tip and looking flawless.

Say goodbye to heat damage and hello to flawless, vibrant locks!

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ghd Gold Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners.

Best For: Colored hair protection.

These are the straighteners that all other straighteners want to be. A high quality, lower heat appliance that looks after our colored manes while giving us the most fabulous, swishy hair results. Find out more below!


  • Quality Performance: With ghd, you’re assured of a superior performance that helps you achieve silky, smooth, and straight hair without any fuss.
  • Optimum Temperature: The 185 degrees temperature is carefully chosen to avoid damaging colored hair, maintaining your vibrant hues longer.
  • User-friendly Design: The design is top-notch, lightweight, and comes with a lengthy cord for ease of use, making it a salon favorite.
  • Long-lasting: Customers have testified to their ghd straighteners lasting over 10 years, reflecting the products’ durability.


  • Pricey: The ghd straighteners are a bit on the high-end side when it comes to pricing. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
  • Fixed Temperature: While the set temperature of 185 degrees is perfect for colored hair, some users might prefer the option to adjust the temperature to suit specific hair needs.
  • No Extras: Unlike some brands, ghd straighteners come without additional accessories like heat-resistant gloves or travel cases.

Which are the best hair straighteners for colored hair?

Over the years, new innovations in hair straighteners have materialised that claim to cause less damage, use less heat, fortify your hair with conditioners, use ionic technology and even be controlled with your phone.

But do we really need all of this stuff? We just want straighteners that work really well without damaging our hair and fading our color amiright? 

So that’s why we’re here to tell you – which are the best straighteners for colored hair!

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Best straighteners for colored hair at a glance.

StraightenerLooks likeBest forRatingBuy now
Dyson Corrale

Cordless wonder.
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Remington Colour Protect

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Cloud Nine The Original Iron Hair Straightener.

Thicker hair.
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ghd Gold Styler Professional

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ghd Platinum + Smart Styler

Poker straight hair.
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#1 Dyson Corrale Straightener

The Technical Spec:

  • Variable temperature control: No
  • Cordless: Yes
  • Cable length: 4.33m
  • Dimensions: H45 x W41 x D29.2 cm
  • Weight: 561g
  • Accessories included:Heat-resistant travel bag

Features & benefits:

  • The only straightener with flexing plates that shape to gather hair
  • Extra control allows you to create the same style but with less heat – and half the damage.
  • These can be used corded, or cord-free for up to 30 minutes of cord-free styling 
  • Or if you can attach the magnetic 360° cable and style in hybrid charge mode.
  • It has three precise heat settings – 165°C, 185°C and 210°C but the control of these is automated so you can’t change it yourself.

Reviewers say:

“WOW. I got the purple ones of these and I’m in love with them. I love that they’re cordless so you can move them around for better styling. They don’t get hot on the outside like my last ones always did. They are so quick to use.”

“It glides through your hair so smoothly and catches all your hairs, it’s like magic! I have thick frizzy hair and this is the first time I feel in control of it!”

“I’m so impressed with these, I’m putting my ghds on ebay! I straightened my hair in half the time and it gave it volume too. I like the cordless aspect for being able to pop it in my bag and take it out.”

Our experience:

Hot off the press (geddit!) are these gorgeous new CORDLESS straighteners from Dyson. Yes Dyson, makers of vacuum cleaners and other engineering marvels.

They’ve smashed it with the Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer (see our Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review) which are flying off the shelves and now they’re coming for straighteners.

Pricey much? Yes. But the results are fabulous. These innovative flat irons are a cut above the rest in that they use mind-boggling technology to keep the titanium plates between 165-210 degrees so YOU ONLY NEED TO PUT THEM THROUGH YOUR HAIR ONCE.

And voila! It is straight. Which is brilliant if you have colored hair as it’s minimal heat for maximum results.

Makes your hair soft and shiny in record time.

Good job too as they’re quite heavy and chunky to hold on account of being cordless for 30 mins at a time. So they’re not so good for curling and waving.

We’re so used to cords, we’re not sure the cordless thing is essential. But for hairdressers and salons this gives additional flexibility so could be a game changer for some.

These are very very good and come in a close second as the results were slightly better and happened faster than the ghd Golds.

But for the gap in price, we feel the ghds are better value. HOWEVER, if money is no object, and time is money (!) go for these for the fast styling times and flexibility.

Best for: Fast styling with cordless freedom.

#2 Remington Color Protect Hair Straighteners

The Technical Spec:

  • Variable temperature control: Yes. 5 settings 150°C – 230°C with temperature lock.
  • Cordless: No
  • Cable length: 3m swivel cord
  • Weight: 780g
  • Accessories included: Luxury heat-resistant pouch

Features & benefits:

  • Ceramic coated plates infused with Keratin & Almond oil
  • It detects your hair’s unique moisture levels and adjusts the heat to the optimum styling temperature.
  • 3x more protection, less damage and healthier looking hair.
  • Leaves hair 5 x stronger whilst reducing the risk of splitting and damage.
  • Heats up fast in 15 seconds.

Reviewers say:

“I was dubious as these seemed a lot cheaper than other straighteners but I was really pleased. I think they’re even better than my last straighteners. I have fine hair which I imagine is easier to straighten though.”

“Really happy with these. You can control the temperature and they left my hair feeling smooth and soft to use. They also turn themselves off if you forget to which is a great feature. The best hair straighteners for value for money, would recommend.”

“My hair is very thick and coarse which breaks easily so it’s not easy to straighten. These Remington straighteners make it much easier. They don’t dry and frizz your hair. You can have them on an auto temperature as you straighten or you can have them on the temperature you want. They’re very neat.”

Our experience:

These ones make the list as they are excellent value for money. They have nice wide plates and they heat up fast. 

The intelligent hair protection sensor reads your hair’s moisture levels 8x per second to regulate the heat. We would recommend setting it on auto temperature to let it do this, rather than setting the temperature yourself. That way you won’t be tempted to have it hotter than your colored hair really needs.

Infused with goodness.

The keratin infusion is a nice touch, it made our hair feel shiny and smooth and nourished. But it feels a bit of a gimmick. A good hair heat protector is enough and too much product on your hair raises the risk of frizz.

Best for: Budget.

#3 Cloud Nine The Original Iron Hair Straightener.

The Technical Spec:

  • Variable temperature control: Yes
  • Cordless: No
  • Cable length: 2.6m swivel cord
  • Plates are 2.5cm width and 9cm length
  • The straighteners measure 26cm overall
  • Accessories included (Gift pack): Embroidered heat resistant luxury carry case and protective heat guard.

Features & benefits:

  • The multi-award-winning Original Iron delivers exceptional results, thanks to our renowned temperature controlled, mineral-coated ceramic plates.
  • The temperature control feature allows you to choose from seven different temperatures.
  • The floating, mineral-coated ceramic plates are proven to be kinder to hair, leaving it feeling conditioned and cared for.

Reviewers say:

“I’ve been using GHDs over the past 5 years and wanted a change. I thought I’d give these a go after look at all the fab reviews. These are ideal for me! I have really long hair and the sleek soft finish touch the straighteners gives my hair is amazing!!”

“I was recommended these by my local hairdresser (having had a different make for over 10 years).. and it is good that you can adjust the temperature. They heat up pretty quick and make my hair feel really smooth. Only trouble now is that my daughter keeps borrowing them!”

“Totally delighted with these, read the reviews and decided to finally buy something other than GHD. I am so glad I did, these are by far superior than GHD’s in my opinion.”

Our experience:

The Cloud Nine brand is founded by Mr Robert Powls, the same clever dude that founded ghd. So it’s no wonder we’re hard pressed to pick between the two.

A hot contender for the crown.

The look and feel of the Cloud Nine Original Straighteners is one of quality. The light-up dials adding a contemporary touch.

It’s easy to use and completely intuitive, though not as quick to heat up as the ghds we noticed. But that will depend on what temperature setting you’re heating them to.

And this is what we really love about the Cloud Nine straighteners – the temperature control. If you have thicker hair, you’ll need a higher heat to set your style and this is where these come into their own.

But we’re wary. Coloured hair does not like heat so being to set the temperature hotter than you really need it is perhaps a feature we don’t really need. Especially for fine hair.

Read more about them in our Cloud nine vs ghd reviews.

Best for: Thicker hair.

#4 ghd Gold Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners.

The Technical Spec:

  • Variable temperature control: No
  • Cordless: No
  • Cable length: 2.7m swivel cord
  • Dimensions: H33 x W12 x D9 cm
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Accessories included:Protective plate guard

Features & benefits:

  • The ghd Gold professional styler transforms your beauty regime and leaves you with glamorous, healthy-looking hair.
  • It has dual-zone technology, an advanced heat sensor on each plate to maintain the ideal styling temperature of 185ºC constantly.
  • They have a speedy heat-up time of 25 seconds and an automatic sleep mode that turns them off after 30 minutes of non-use.

Reviewers say:

“Yes, ghd’s are a little pricey in comparison with some other brands, but in my opinion you get what you pay for – their quality matches the price.”

“I had the older version of these straighteners for +10 years before they lost their ability to heat one of the plates. I tried these ones and the platinum version but these were the better ones for my fine hair type.”

“I didn’t realise how worn out my old ghd’s were until i got given these new ones! I lost my old ones so asked for these as a birthday present and didn’t realise my old ones were so worn out! There were very old. Now I can straighten my thick hair more quickly and easily!.”

Our experience:

Ahhhh ghds. The cream of the crop. The jewel in the crown. The straightener that all straighteners want to be.

Ghd are to straighteners what Dyson is to vacuum cleaners (and hair dryers, see our Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Spotlight Review).

The design is top notch and it’s not as heavy as some other straighteners so you can avoid the arm ache that comes with straightening your hair.

The cord is a good length to be able to move freely, that’s another reason why these are the hairdressers’ favourites that you see in salons throughout the land. 

Heads above the rest.

The important thing about these that make them perfect for coloured hair is the temperature.

It’s deliberately set at 185 degree which ghd sets as the optimum temperature to not scald your hair shafts and burn out your colour. We wouldn’t use anything else.

Check our in-depth review of these beauts in ghd Gold Styler Professional Straighteners

Best for: Everything!

#5 ghd Platinum+ Styler White Professional Smart Hair Straighteners

The Technical Spec:

  • Variable temperature control: No
  • Cordless: No
  • Cable length: 2.7m
  • Dimensions: H9 x W12 x D32cm
  • Weight: 0.75kg
  • Accessories Included: None!

Features & benefits:

  • Ultra-zone predictive technology.
  • These straighteners are designed to constantly adapt to ensure the optimum styling temperature at all times. 
  • Precision-milled plates.
  • There’s an ultra-gloss coating to create shinier hair, reduce breakage.
  • 2 x less colour fade versus a styler working at 230°C.
  • 20 sec heat up time.

Reviewers say:

“As soon as I opened it I could feel it is a product of the highest quality. It doesn’t pull, break or give my hair any burnt smells. I used to have steam coming out with my old ones. My hair feels and looks so much healthier.”

“I got these when my old ghds packed up after 12 years or more and I was surprised how much straighteners have improved! It’s only been a couple of weeks but my hair is so much smoother and silkier. I wish I’d upgraded a long time ago.”

“These glide through my hair and make it feel and look much better than ever. I’ve already bought another pair for my daughter. She uses straighteners every day and I think you need to invest in the best of the best if you’re using straighteners daily. GHDs are the best hair straighteners for me without a doubt.”

Our experience:

Another ghd product to make our list is the Platinum+ smart styler. Isn’t she pretty! 

The first thing that strikes you is the innovative design but these are also an amazing piece of kit. They use predictive technology to anticipate the needs of your hair and adjust the heat accordingly as it styles, monitoring it 250 times per second across two floating plates.

The smarter choice for smoother hair.

They claim the technology offers twice the colour protection, and leaves hair up to 70 per cent stronger than before. It’s more responsive than the ghd Golds and we found it heated up quicker.

The only neg we had was the heating pads make it more difficult to curl your hair, but the beach waves look was easy to manage once we got used to it. If you mostly use straighteners to….straighten your hair and want something that will protect your colour while it’s at it, these are the ones for you.

Read more about these in our ghd gold vs platinum reviews.

Best for: Poker straight hair.


ghd Gold Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners

Best for: Hair Color Protection!

These are the straighteners that all other straighteners want to be. A high quality, lower heat appliance that looks after our colored manes while giving us the most fabulous, swishy hair results. 

Others scored better in certain aspects – especially speed – but for the price the ghd Gold Stylers are simply the best for all round styling that your hard-earned money can buy.

Best straighteners for Colored Hair FAQs

Do I need new straighteners?

Like any heating appliance, straighteners age with wear and tear and their plates lose the ability to heat up so efficiently.

So if you’ve had your hair straighteners for a while and feel you’re no longer getting the results you want, it’s time for some new ones.

best hair straighteners for coloured hair
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Are hair straighteners just for straightening?

The beauty of hair straighteners is that they’re not just for giving you ultra-slick, frizz-free, poker-straight hair.

Long hair or short hair, with the flick of a wrist you can entice soft, beach-ready waves or mega tight curls. It’s all in the technique.

Can I Use a Straightener on Colored Hair?

Yes, you can use a straightener on colored hair! Phew!

But it’s important to use a flat iron that is gentle on your hair to prevent heat damage and color fading.

Look for flat irons that have ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium plates, as they distribute heat more evenly and prevent hot spots that can damage your hair.

Avoid flat irons that have metal plates, as they heat up unevenly and can cause your hair to break or burn.

Which Hair Straighteners do Least Damage to Hair?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question since people have different hair types and the kind of hair straighteners that work best for them differs from one person to another.

The best flat irons for your hair depend on your hair’s texture, thickness, and length.

In general, ceramic and tourmaline straighteners are gentler on your hair than metal flat irons. They also offer benefits like less static, more shine, and reduced frizz.

They distribute heat evenly, which minimizes the heat damage to your hair.

What Temperature Should a Flat Iron be for Color Treated Hair?

The recommended temperature for using a flat iron on color treated hair is between 300-350°F.

This will ensure that you are not overheating your hair and causing damage or color fading.

If you have fine or thin hair, you may want to use a lower temperature, while those with thick or coarse hair may require a higher temperature.

Remember to always use a heat protectant spray before using any hot tools as an extra measure of protection.

And always style small sections of hair to ensure you’re not going over the same section several times to prevent heat damage.

What Flat Iron is Best for Color Treated Hair?

When looking for a flat iron that works best for color-treated hair, look for a quality product with ceramic or tourmaline plates, an adjustable temperature, and a smooth glide.

Some top-rated flat irons on the market for colored hair include the GHD Platinum+ Pro Performance Flat Iron, the Dyson Corrale, and the Solia SuperHot Ceramic Flat Iron, among others.

It’s essential to go for a flat iron that is equipped with the latest technology to ensure minimal damage to your color-treated hair.

Parting Words

With the right tools, you can conquer the heat and achieve healthier hair that still looks great!

Investing in a flat iron specifically designed for colored hair may cost a bit more but it will be worth it in the end.

Not only do they deliver gorgeous style without damage, they also help make your color last longer.

Whether you rock a bouncy curl or sleek and straight hair, investing in the right tools is essential to ensuring your locks remain vibrant, smooth, and shiny.

So don’t shy away from heat styling – with the right flat iron you can make any style possible as well as keeping your tresses looking fabulous!


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