Smash the Summer with Tenniscore Hairstyles – Here’s How to Ace the Trend

Summer is heating up and so is the trend thermometer with Tenniscore hairstyles taking center stage!

Forget about the Barbiecore brights; it’s time to channel your inner athlete with sleek, sporty chic.

Tenniscore isn’t just a hairstyle, it’s a movement, blending high fashion with high function.

Think Zendaya dazzling the crowd during her press tour for Challengers, rocking that butt-length braid with a poise that screams both competitive edge and red-carpet readiness.

Tenniscore: Where Athletic Meets Luxe

Tenniscore is all about merging the preppy elegance of classic tennis icons with today’s luxury athleisure vibes.

Perfect for anyone who wants to look effortlessly chic yet totally ready to hit the courts or the streets.

This style is making waves on TikTok and beyond, inspiring a resurgence of brands like Alo, Wilson, and Lacoste. It’s sporty, it’s sleek, it’s your new summer look!

Up Your Tenniscore Game with Trending Hair Colors

Ready to take your Tenniscore style up a notch?

Experiment with soft balayage or sun-kissed ombre highlights that complement those clean, athletic lines of your favorite hairstyles.

Feeling adventurous? Splash in some summer fun with temporary pastel hues in lavender or sky-blue for that perfect weekend vibe.

4 Must-Try Tenniscore Hairstyles This Season

#1 The Sleek Braid

This quintessential tennis look is both functional and fabulous.

Grab some shine-enhancing gel for that glossy finish and braid your way to style stardom. Personalize it with a hair-wrapped elastic or a flirty ribbon.

#2 High Ponytail with Headband

A voluminous high ponytail is a Tenniscore staple. Add some balayage to highlight texture and make sure to smooth the crown for a sleek finish that lasts all day.

Now, for the game-changing accessory: Slide a sporty or elegant headband just a few inches back from your hairline.

#3 Double Dutch Courage

Why settle for one when you can double the fun? Double Dutch braids are not only trendy but also practical for active days.

Part your hair down the middle, and braid each side tightly starting from the forehead to the nape, securing with a band. This style ensures your hair stays in place, whether you’re scoring points on the court or running errands around town.

#4 Loose Waves with a Statement Bow

This hairstyle is a wonderful choice for those who want to keep their hair down but still add a unique, eye-catching element with the bow. It’s perfect for adding a bit of Tenniscore-inspired glamour to your ensemble ideal for tennis court spectating and a casual brunch!

Wrap-Up: Keeping Your Locks Game-Ready

Remember, no matter how much you play with your style, hair health is key.

Opt for nourishing eco-friendly dyes and protect with leave-in conditioners or keratin serums. Let your hair reflect your strength and style this summer, just like Serena Williams on the court!

So, lace up, grab your racquet, and prepare to serve looks that’ll score points both on and off the court. With these Tenniscore styles, you’re not just ready to play—you’re ready to win!


  • Nicola Freeman, Creative Director & Content Lead
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