9 Easy Summer Hairstyles That’ll Keep You Crazy Cool.

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As a self-proclaimed sun worshipper, I know firsthand how much of a lifesaver the right summer hairstyle can be.

One minute you’re looking prim and polished, the next your tresses are a frizzy nightmare thanks to soaring temps and humidity.

But don’t sweat it! I’ve teamed up with pro hairstylist and color expert Enza Piazza to bring you the 9 chicest ‘dos that’ll keep you cool, confident, and totally insta-ready no matter how high the mercury rises.

We’re breaking down exactly how to master each look, along with Enza’s insider tips and tricks for gorgeous, heat-proof hair all summer long.

9 Hot Hairstyles That Will Save Your Summer

From casual beachy waves to intricate bohemian braids to sleek, glossy updos, there’s something for every vibe and occasion here.

These hot weather-proof ‘dos are easy, low maintenance and most importantly, crazy cute! What’s better than hairstyles that require minimal effort but deliver major style? Get ready to be the chicest, most sweat-free beauty around with these must-try looks…

#1 French Braid

This classic plait is my personal hot weather go-to. Not only does it keep all your hair securely off your face and neck, but it gives off those coveted laidback beachy vibes.

“The French braid makes any casual outfit look instantly pulled together,” raves celeb stylist Jen Atkin. “It’s also super versatile – you can wear it loose and romantic or slick it back for a more polished vibe.”

How to do it:

Start by gathering a section at the crown and divide into three sections. Incorporate new hair as you cross the strands under and over each other, gradually adding more hair until all of it is braided.

Finish with a clear elastic and spritz with hairspray for extra hold.

#2 Messy Bun

Some days it’s just way too hot to have hair anywhere near your neck and face. Enter the beauty of the eternally cool messy bun! This undone upstyle is the epitome of easy-breezy summer hair.

“The messy bun is pretty much a way of life for me in the warmer months,” says lifestyle influencer and model Camille Rowe. “It’s quick, effortless, and has this sexy nonchalance about it. Some days I’ll make it a little more sleek and polished, but usually I just go for full undone cool-girl vibes.”

How to do it:

Simply pull your hair into a loose pony at your preferred height, then twist it around itself into a circular bun shape, tucking and pinning the ends haphazardly underneath. Don’t worry about making it perfect – a few face-framing tendrils only add to the allure. A spritz of texturizing spray can enhance that coveted piece-y, tousled effect.

#3 Air-Dried Waves

Why spend ages battling with hot tools in the summer heat? Let your gorgeous natural texture shine by enhancing it instead!

“Air-drying is not only a huge time saver in summer, but it protects your strands and prevents damage from excessive heat styling,” explains natural hair expert Felicia Leatherwood. “Enhancing your hair’s unique texture is a celebration of your unique beauty.”

How to do it:

For looser waves, scrunch in a salt spray or wave foam while hair is still damp then either let it air dry or concentrate a diffuser at the roots. Those with tighter curl patterns can define their coils with a hydrating curl cream and gently scrunch out the crunch once dry.

#4 High Ponytail

A sky-high pony is definitely having a major tenniscore moment and it’s no wonder why – it’s cute, keeps you cool, and can be dressed up or down.

“An ultra high ponytail is the ultimate summer look – youthful, sassy, and perfect for showing off gorgeous facial features,” says celebrity stylist Laura Polko who works with Chrissy Teigen and Adriana Lima. “It’s versatile too – sleek and shiny, messy and undone, or accessorized with scrunchies or ribbons.”

How to do it:

For a sleek look, start by smoothing and securing hair into a tight ponytail at the highest point of your head. A boar bristle brush and a frizz-fighting serum will be your best friends.

Or, you can go for a more voluminous, textured vibe by gently teasing at the crown before gathering your hair. Wrap a hairband or scrunchy around the base a few times for extra hold.

#5 Braided Crown

Get ready to have all your boho-chic dreams come true! This romantic braided halo keeps your hair up and off your face while still looking absolutely ethereal. It’s also surprisingly simple to do yourself.

“Braided crowns and halos are having such a major moment right now,” says hairstylist and braiding expert Sarah Potempa. “They give off this gorgeous goddess-like energy that’s perfect for summer weddings, festivals, or just looking like a total boho babe.”

How to do it:

Start by creating a deep side or middle part, then begin braiding along your hairline, gradually adding in more hair as you work your way around your head. Once you’ve completed the full circle, secure the end with a cute clip or tuck it under. Lightly pull out a few face-framing pieces and set with hairspray.

#6 Slicked Back Bun

There’s nothing quite like a sleek bun for looking chic and staying sweat-free in sweltering temps.

“A slicked bun is basically a must for summer,” says celebrity stylist Chris Appleton who works with celebs like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. “It’s equal parts sophisticated and practical which is key for warm weather hairstyling.”

How to do it:

Simply pull your hair up into a high pony, secure with a temporary hair tie, then twist and wrap it into a smooth coiled knot. Use bobby pins to tuck in any wispy pieces. Pro tip: A little styling gel at the roots will help control any flyaways.

#7 Wet Look Hair

Nothing screams poolside glamour quite like slick, glossy strands reminiscent of having just emerged from a dip. This ultra-trendy wet look effect adds an edgy, modern twist to any summer hairstyle.

“The wet look epitomizes that sleek, minimalist summer aesthetic that’s so in right now,” says editorial stylist Lacy Redway. “It has an almost futuristic, editorial vibe but can easily be toned down for day too. Just avoid product overload which can leave hair feeling crunchy.”

How to do it:

Start by applying a generous amount of gel, pomade or wet-look cream from roots to ends on clean, damp hair.

Use a vent brush to pull strands tightly back and accentuate that sculpted, high-shine finish. You can create fun texture by raking or scrunching as well. Lock it all in with a brilliant glossing mist for that freshly-dipped effect.

#8 Claw Clip Updo

Retro hair accessories are having a major moment, and the claw clip is leading the vintagerevivalist charge. This super easy updo is perfect for getting hair up and off your neck while still looking adorably on-trend.

“The claw clip is definitely the ‘It’ hair accessory of the season,” says celebrity stylist Justine Marjan. “It instantly adds this cool, retro vibe while still looking modern and keeping you sweat-free. It’s honestly just an all-around summer must.”

How to do it:

Simply gather your hair into a loose ponytail or half-up pony at your preferred height, then secure with the claw clip.

You can leave it sleek and simple or gently tease and loosen a few face-framing pieces for more texture and softness. It’s a crazy chic way to beat the heat with minimal effort.

#9 Twisted Updo

For my ladies rocking gorgeous curls and coils, twisted hairstyles are where it’s at for summer! These fun, sculpted looks allow you to get creative while keeping your hair off your face and neck.

“Twist hairstyles are such a great heat-free styling option during warmer months,” says Texture stylist Nigella Miller. “They put natural curl patterns center stage in a way that’s striking yet still super low maintenance.”

How to do it:

An easy way to get the look is to simply twist sections of hair toward your face from the nape of your neck, gradually adding more hair as you twist up towards the crown.

Secure twisted coils with hair pins or bands, leaving out a few face-framing tendrils. You can opt for an all-over twisted updo or blend it with braids and accessories for even more dimensional flair!

Essential Checklist
Pick the Right Products
Shield Hair from the Sun
Cut Down on Heat Styling
Try Home Remedies
Check in with a Pro
Get Regular Trims
Install a Shower Filter
Finish with Cold Water
Deep Condition Weekly
Tone with Purple Shampoo

Top Tips for Gorgeous Summer Hair

Protect Your Color

Those sunny rays can be brutal on color-treated locks. Reduce brassiness and fading by using a UV protectant spray or styling cream with sunscreen when spending time outside. A hat or silk scarf can also shield your strands.

Enhance Natural Highlights

For a gorgeous sun-kissed look sans damage, try getting highlights the natural way! A simple lemon juice and sunshine combo can delicately lighten sun-exposed pieces. Just don’t leave the acidic lemon on too long to avoid dryness.

Beat Humidity

There’s nothing worse than a humidity battling that leaves hair frizzy and poufy. Use an anti-humidity spray or cream infused with powerful smoothing silicones to lock out moisture. You can even mix a little argan or marula oil into your stylers for extra frizz-fighting powers.

Repair Summer Damage

To undo dryness and damage from sun, salt water and chlorine, do regular deep conditioning masks and hot oil treatments. Look for ultra-nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and keratin.

Sun Protection Updo’s

Keeping hair up and off your neck and shoulders can prevent painful burning and peeling from harsh rays beating down on your scalp. Braids, buns, and chignons make chic sun-smart styles.

Must-Have Summer Hair Essentials

  • Leave-in Conditioner: These weightless creams detangle, increase manageability, and provide lasting moisture and protection against the elements.
  • Texturizing Spray: Give limp locks an instant texture and volume boost with these grit-enhancing sprays and pomades.
  • Dry Shampoo: This oil-absorbing powder can revive strands between washes, stretching your style on humid, sweaty days.
  • Wide-Tooth Comb: Gently comb through knots on wet hair using a wide-tooth comb or brush to minimize damaging breakage.
  • UV Protectant Spray: Think of these sunscreen stylers as SPF for your strands – they’ll shield hair from fading and dryness.
  • Hair Accessories: Have fun with cute claw clips, hair scarves, scrunchies and pins to mix up your summer hair game.

Parting Words

There you have it beauties – your ultimate summer hair survival guide! Whether you want to keep things casually cool with beachy waves and messy buns or turn up the heat with intricate braids and sleek wet looks, there’s something here for every vibe.

So don’t let soaring temps cramp your style – stay gorgeous, confident and ridiculously fresh-faced all season with these easy, breezy hairstyles and pro tips.

Just remember: a little frizz and sweat never hurt anybody! Gorgeous, glistening hair has no rules in summer.

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