Top 10 Hair Blogs To Follow For Ultimate Hair Inspiration [2024 Edition].


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We all know that having good hair is…everything! It makes you feel confident, beautiful, and ready for whatever life throws at you.

Thankfully, there are several amazing hair blogs out there that keep you up to date with all the latest hair trends, ideas, top tips and techniques so you can crush your hair goals and keep your hair looking fabulous day in, day out.

Here’s a round up of the Top 10 best hair blogs that we follow to keep us in the loop. Yes, we’re on the list too! Read on to find out more!

Top 10 Hair Blogs To Follow For Ultimate Hair Inspiration.

From must-have products to styling advice to tutorials, these blogs are the ones to watch for anyone looking to up their hair game.

If you want to stay informed and inspired about all things hair, be sure to put these 10 best hair blogs in your bookmarks.

#1 All Things Hair

all things hair website and blog homepage

The Best For: On Trend Styles and Cutting Edge Ideas.

What’s it all about?

All Things Hair is a blog owned by Unilever, which offers professional tips and advice for various hair types.

From curly hair to fine hair, they provide everything you need to know about hair care, hairstyling, and even things like hair loss prevention.

They also collaborate with experts and influencers to cover the latest trends and styles and have regular fashion and style updates every few days.

Why do we love it?

All Things Hair are the cool kids. We love the abundance of trendy and useful content about the hair styles of the moment. But even more so their push for innovation – with the Voice Assistant!

That’s right, you can actually hook All Things Hair up to your Alexa or Google Assistant and you can do things like ask how to do a fish tail braid while you’re in front of the mirror. Very cool!

all things hair alexa image

Follow All Things Hair here.

#2 Coloured Hair Care

best hair blogs homepage screenshot

The Best For: Coloured Hair Advice and How to Guides.

What’s it all about?

It’s us! Coloured Hair Care is the only blog with content specifically made to help people everywhere care for their colored hair.

We’re passionate about helping those with dyed tresses look and feel their best – with advice on the best hair care products for dyed hair, hair color quizzes, hair dyes, hair coloring techniques, styling tips, product reviews, how-to’s and more.

Why do we love it?

We made the blog we always wanted – sharing our knowledge, opinions and experiences so that others can feel inspired by the latest hair color trends, empowered to dye their own hair at home and learn how to keep their colored hair looking bright and beautiful!

Check out our ‘What hair color suits me?’ Quiz, the No 1 Hair Color Quiz on Google!

what hair color suits me image

Follow us here.

#3 Byrdie homepage screenshot

The Best For: Celeb Style and Diverse Perspectives.

What’s it all about?

Byrdie is a beast! It’s not just a hair blog but a beauty blog too.

It offers comprehensive and up-to-date information on hair, makeup, skincare, and wellbeing.

They’re fast to pick up the latest trends and tips on how to look your best. From product reviews to articles with inspiring stories from women around the world, there’s something for everyone here!

Why do we love it?

We love it for highlighting the importance of diversity and acceptance in beauty standards. They also partner with hairstylists, colorists, and beauty influencers to get new ideas and the latest trends.

lizzo is in her skinny era article image

Follow Byrdie here.

# 5 Love Hairstyles

lovehairstyles web homepage screenshot

The Best For: Expert Knowledge And Style Inspiration

What’s it all about?

Love Hairstyles is a one-stop-shop for everything hairstyle related.

This site has cutting edge hair inspirations, color trends, and guides for diy hairstyles like braids, twists and more.

It’s a total encyclopedia of hair-related articles for everyone who cares about their hair. We’ve found some great top tips and info alongside their inspiring pics.

Why do we love it?

Love hairstyles has something for everyone. We particularly love all the short hairstyle ideas and the over 50’s content!

love hairstyles over 50 content image

Follow Love Hairstyles here.

#6 Hair by L’Oreal the edit homepage

The Best For: Trusted Advice and Video Tutorials

What’s it all about?

Hair by L’Oreal is great for those who love salon-quality hair care and products.

The L’Oreal brand is one that we can trust and ‘The Edit’ blog only amplifies their brand image, keeping hair enthusiasts informed about their new products, hair care advice, and the latest hairstyles.

Why do we love it?

They have the best YouTube channel of all the blogs by far. It’s regularly updated with everything from hair tutorials to product reviews.

If we want to know how to style natural looking waves, what products will fight frizz or how to do an up do, this is where we come. you tube channel

Follow Hair by L’Oreal here.

#7 The Mane Addicts

the man addicts homepage image

The Best For: Products Reviews and Tik Tok Tips

What’s it all about?

The Mane Addicts is a go-to hair blog for anything and everything hair-related.

They have a team of professional hairstylists and colorists who share their best tips, tutorials, and product recommendations.

You can find everything from the latest hair trends to how-to guides and celebrity-inspired hairstyle ideas on their page.

Why do we love it?

As a brand it’s super slick. We love their content for being quirky and different from the rest – hairstyles to match your horoscope anyone? Best of all is their TikTok which is our fave channel to follow for the latest hair tips.

mane addicts Tik Tok channel image

Follow Mane Addicts here.

#7 Hair Adviser

hair adviser homepage

The Best For: Browsing Styles And Searching For Salons.

What’s it all about?

From short cuts, long hair, dyed hair and beyond, Hair Adviser is a site that has the inspiration for it all.

Every post is packed with pics to give you a good idea of what hair style or hair color you’d like that you can take along to your salon.

Why do we love it?

Talking of salons – you can search for your nearest one straight from this website. There’s a directory of top hair artists too.

We also love the ‘Ask us a question’ feature and FAQ section that busts myths and demystifies jargon.

hair artists search image

Follow Hair Advisor here.

#8 The Right Hairstyles

Screenshot 2023 05 18 at 14.31.09

The Best For: Hair Styles By Age and Newsletter Updates

What’s it all about?

The Right Hairstyles is perfect for those who love to experiment with versatile hairstyles.

Whether you’re into edgy short haircuts or feminine long styles, they have something to inspire you.

There are also loads and loads of articles that cover the whole rainbow of hair colors and all the latest hair color trends.

Why do we love it?

We love the directory-style navigation of the website truth be told. It makes it easy to find lots of content about the hair style you want. You can even sort by age and there’s stuff for the boys too!

Their newsletter is one of the best ones too – sign up for the latest content and stories twice a week.

the right hairstyles newsletter image

Follow The Right Hairstyles here.

#9 My Hairdresser

myhdhair blog homepage image

The Best For: Personal Recommendations And Quality Products

What’s it all about?

My Hairdresser is brimming with informative articles on technique, new trends, and tools. They sell their own quality products – everything from hair color to developer.

But it’s the ‘Hairverything’ blog we love the most for explaining complicated techniques and hairdressing terms so simply.

Why do we love it?

You can chat with a Color Consultant!

This is an awesome feature where you fill in a simple form with a few details about your hair and lifestyle and a Color Consultant emails you back with their recommendations for your mane. Free!

my hairdresser colour consultant form image

Follow My Hairdresser here.

#10 We Heart This

we heart this blog home page image

The Best For: Daily Hair Updates and Nail Inspo

What’s it all about?

We Heart This is another great hair inspiration platform that showcases various hairstyles, and nail art.

They’re an all-round lifestyle platform that’s packed with info and ideas on wellness, skincare, and makeup. They used to do recipes too.

Why do we love it?

We love it because it’s updated daily so we can feed our style fix and the hair and nails inspo is next level.

we heart this nail page website image

Follow We Heart This here.

Parting words

If you’ve been looking for helpful tips, tricks, and inspiration for your hair journey, these blogs are the perfect places to start. Each blog has its own unique voice and niche, making all of them a good addition to your reading list.

Whether you’re looking for tutorials on different hairstyles, product reviews, or interviews with top hairstylists, these blogs have it all.

Follow their channels – and ours! – and get the best hair inspiration that will keep your hair looking and feeling fabulous!


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