Go Gray the Glam Way! Tyra Banks Rocks Her Silver Strands with Pride

Who says gray can’t be gorgeous? Not Tyra Banks, that’s for sure!

The supermodel and former “Dancing with the Stars” host is here to shake up the silver hair stigma and inspire us all.

In a heartfelt chat with People, Tyra dished on her journey of embracing her natural gray locks and mixing it up with fab wigs.

Gone are the days when gray hair whispered ‘old.’ Today, it screams ‘bold’ and ‘beautiful!’

Drawing vibes from celeb trendsetters like Sarah Jessica Parker and Andie MacDowell, Tyra is all about flaunting her silver with pride.

She’s redefining beauty standards one silver strand at a time, proving that true style knows no age.

But Tyra’s hair game doesn’t stop at going gray.

Oh no, she’s also a wig aficionado! Wigs for Tyra? They’re more than just a look—they’re a statement.

And yet, she keeps her natural hair free from dyes, rocking elegant cornrows that show off those chic gray edges.

What’s her secret to rocking gray with such grace?

A big shoutout goes to her mom, who instilled in her the confidence to embrace every life phase with a smile. Now, Tyra is paying it forward, empowering others to wear their gray hair like a crown of glory.

So, are you ready to join Tyra Banks and celebrate your natural beauty? Let’s say yes to gray, yes to authenticity, and yes to living our best, most beautiful lives!

Read Tyra’s full interview with People here.


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