Who’s Influencing Your Beauty Choices? Unveiling Today’s Top Advertising Trends

Have you ever wondered why some beauty ads just seem to stick with you more than others?

Well, we’ve been digging through some fun facts and found some cool insights from CivicScience that might just surprise you.

Here are the top beauty advertising trends according to consumer-data.

Why share this with you? Because knowing what’s buzzing in the beauty world can help you pick the best products and maybe even discover the next big thing in hair care!

Here’s What Everyone’s Watching:

  • TV Is Still King: Believe it or not, 23% of folks say TV ads catch their eye the most. Next time you’re binge-watching, pay attention to those hair care ads!
  • Social Media & Online Ads: Nearly tied, with social media just edging out at 21%. It’s where most of us find out about the latest and greatest in beauty.
  • TikTok Takes the Lead for Gen Z: A whopping 30% of the younger crowd starts their beauty shopping here. If you’re not scrolling through TikTok for hair tips yet, you might want to start!
The Top Beauty Advertising Trends,
According to Consumer Data infpgraphic 1,058 responses from 04/26/2024 to 04/29/2024
Excludes those who answered “NA”
Weighted by U.S. Census 18+
Source: CivicScience 2024
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Did You Know?

  • Hair Care is Huge on Social Media: That’s right, hair care content is the most popular among beauty videos. Whether it’s a how-to on beach waves or the best hair masks, people can’t get enough.
  • Influencers are Influential…But Take Them with a Grain of Salt: About 32% have bought a product because an influencer recommended it, yet many still question if those recommendations are trustworthy.
The Top Beauty Advertising Trends,
According to Consumer Data
Which of the following types of influencer content do you enjoy watching, if any?
2,010 responses from 04/26/2024 to 04/29/2024
Weighted by U.S. Census 18+
Source: CivicScience 2024
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Isn’t it fascinating how much the digital world influences our beauty choices? Whether you’re someone who trusts influencers or you’re a bit skeptical, it’s clear that they’re shaping the way we think about beauty.

Next time you’re considering a new hair product or style, remember these trends—you might find yourself making smarter, more informed choices!

So, what do you think? Ready to see beauty advertising in a new light? Let’s keep this chat going and make every hair flip fabulous!

For more juicy details, don’t forget to check out the full scoop from CivicScience right here. Keep shining and styling!


  • Nicola Freeman, Creative Director & Content Lead
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