Met Gala 2024 Delivers Stunning Hair Inspo—These 8 Looks are Everything

Step right into the Met Gala’s lush and eerie “Garden of Time” theme, where high fashion collided with the creative cradle of dystopia.

This year, under the glimmering lights and $75,000 tickets, hairdos weren’t just styled—they were cultivated, blossoming into some of the most spectacular trends we’ve seen sweeping through the corridors of the Met Museum.

Let’s zoom into the best tresses that turned heads and set Twitter fingers tapping at this star-studded event!

1.Sydney Sweeney’s Dramatic Transformation

From sunny blonde to a raven black bob, Sydney showed up making a bold statement.

The sleek jet-black hair complemented by bangs that meant business paired flawlessly with her ethereal light blue gown peppered with dark mystique. It’s a thumbs-up from us for this chic shakeup!

2.Rebecca Hall Goes Floral and Slick

Debuting at the Met, Rebecca’s appearance was nothing short of a floral dream. Her outfit whispered garden secrets, but it was her slicked-back hair that really talked the talk. It’s sleek, it’s chic, and girls, it’s all the magic of wet-look gel!

3. Kim Kardashian’s Blonde Ambition

Never one to shy away from a hair moment, Kim K dazzled with her platinum locks darkened at the roots, keeping up with her tradition of surprising us at the Met. From pink microbobs to this? Only Kim!

4. Gigi Hadid’s Enchanting Beads and Butter Curls

Wrapped in a Thom Browne masterpiece and 2.8 million reasons to stare, Gigi’s butter blonde curls are a style bookmark for the ages. Her look not only dazzles today but promises to be a treasure of tomorrow.

5.Da’Vine Joy Randolph Channels Royal Waves

With a mane that would make Ariel stash her dinglehopper, Da’Vine’s auburn waves cascaded down in a perfect splash of elegance, proving sometimes classic is unbeatable.

6.Greta Lee Revamps the Mullet

Who said mullets can’t mingle with high fashion? Greta Lee walks in, mullet first, glowing with a springtime aura that makes us want to say, “Yes, mullets can be chic!”

7.Jodie Turner-Smith’s Edgy Platinum Chop

Another mullet, but make it platinum and edgy! Jodie combined her bold cut with smoky eyes for a look that screamed ‘ethereal beauty.’

8.Queen Latifah’s Braided Ombre Excellence

Ever the icon, Queen Latifah’s neatly braided, blunt-cut honey ombre added just the right touch of sleek vibes to her impeccable style.

Each hairstyle at this year’s Met Gala not only embraced the theme but elevated it, intertwining the fantastical with the fashionable.

These looks weren’t just about beauty; they were about making statements that resonate with the cycles of creation and destruction, much like the garden that inspired them.

Now, if only I could get an invite next year, or at least snag a gown or two for my wardrobe!

Until then, we can only dream and emulate these iconic styles from afar. So, grab that gel and those curlers—let’s bring a piece of the Met Gala magic into our everyday lives!


  • Nicola Freeman, Creative Director & Content Lead
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