Think Pink! How Kim Kardashian is Rocking the Bubblegum Microbob Revolution

Pink is officially in, and who better to usher in this trendy wave than style icon Kim Kardashian?

Gone are the days of her signature dark, flowing tresses. Kim K has just taken to Instagram to flaunt her jaw-dropping transformation into the world of short, sassy, and oh-so-pink microbobs. It’s bold, it’s bright, and it’s a total game-changer!

Strutting her stuff in a sleek Skims turtleneck paired with killer Balenciaga boots, Kim’s new ‘do is a fabulous fusion of color and class.

The cut? A cheekbone-skimming microbob that radiates a youthful glow. And the color? A playful bubblegum pink that stands out even more against her dark roots. It’s reminiscent of Megan Fox’s pink shag from earlier this year but with a Kim K twist that’s all about sophisticated sass.

This Instagram reveal has got everyone talking. Fans and fashion critics alike are drawing parallels between Kim and other celebs who’ve rocked the pink.

With each snip and dye, Kim’s showing us she’s not just a follower of trends—she’s a trendsetter (we knew that anyway!).

Behind every great hairstyle is a great stylist. Chris Appleton, the magic maker behind Kim’s hair transformations, made sure this change was not only stunning but also kind to her locks. It’s all about maintaining that hair health and vibrancy, folks!

Kim’s pink microbob isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a statement. It’s for the bold, the brave, and anyone ready to add a splash of fun to their look.

Thinking of a hair revamp? Why not take a page out of Kim’s book and think pink?

Your hair is your canvas, after all. It’s time to get creative, express your unique style, and let your vibrant personality shine through. Who knows? A touch of pink might just be the magic your style was waiting for!


  • Nicola Freeman, Creative Director & Content Lead
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