Steal Her Look: Dua Lipa’s Bold Blonde Shag and Bleached Brows!

Are you ready to shake up your style with a bold and daring hairdo? Check out icon Dua Lipa’s latest style revelation!

Known for her ever-evolving and boundary-pushing fashion choices, Dua recently debuted a stunning blonde shag haircut paired with bleached brows in Beauty Papers magazine, and the racy vibe is setting hearts pounding in the beauty community.

This chic, tousled hairstyle exudes a playful yet edgy vibe, perfect for those looking to add a touch of rebellion to their look. It’s exciting to see a hairstyle that combines playfulness with a touch of edgy rebellion, and it’s the perfect inspiration for anyone looking to experiment with their own style.

The blonde shag is versatile, full of movement, and gives a nod to iconic pop star aesthetics, while the bleached brows frame the face in an unexpectedly fresh way.

While Dua Lipa’s bold new look has many fans cheering, not everyone’s on board—some fans have even commented, “What have you done!” on her Instagram!

But isn’t that the hallmark of true style innovation?

Embracing a look that pushes boundaries and sparks conversation can be exactly what sets a trend apart. Kudos for Dua for having the guts to make such a bold transformation.

Whether you love it or are still warming up to it, there’s no denying that Dua Lipa’s blonde shag and bleached brows are reshaping beauty norms and challenging us to think outside the box.

Why not let Dua Lipa inspire your next salon visit?

Embracing this look could be your ticket to expressing a bolder, more individualistic you. It’s about more than just a hairstyle; it’s about making a statement and feeling empowered in your skin.

Ready to turn heads? Let your hair do the talking and showcase your unique style with a touch of Dua’s fearless flair!


  • Nicola Freeman, Creative Director & Content Lead
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